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UV disinfection systems

UV disinfection has been proven worldwide as the most important water disinfection process.

Bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites (for example, cryptosporidium and giardia) are effectively inactivated by using UV light. There is no development of resistance  in UV disinfection as is increasingly experienced in, for example, treatment using antibiotics and also in chlorination. There are no resultant dangerous by-products (DBP) as is the case with chemical disinfection.

Drinking Water Treatment

Disinfection, Odour & taste enhancement, Oxidation of iron and manganese, Breakdown of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other micro contaminants

Waste Water Treatment

Elimination of tensides, phenols, cyanides and AOX, Reduction of COD, Elimination of endocrine substances and mirco-pollutant

Swimming Pools

Disinfection, Oxidation of chloramines (reduction of chlorine smell), Oxidation of organic impurities, Reduction of THM

Semiconductor Industry

Desinfektion, TOC removal

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry

Raw water treatment, Purified and deionised (DI) water treatment,  TOC removal, Industrial wastewater treatment

Food & Beverage Industry

Disinfection of water, sugar syrup, juice, etc. Elimination of iron and manganese in raw water, CIP Process (Cleaning in Place), Bottle washing & sealing cap disinfection.