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Electro-deionization system

An EDI plant is used for production of low conductivity demineralized water.

With correct pretreatment the conductivity can be reduced to as low as 0.06 µS/cm. Continuous Operation Without Chemical Usage.

EDI is an alternative to a conventional mixed bed polisher. EDI is a con- tinuous process and utilizes chemical-free regeneration. Thus downtime is avoided as well as storage and handling of acid and lye. Furthermore, the EDI plant needs minimum maintenance and ensures very high reliability.

Application: The EDI system is used after RO for polishing of demineralized water to obtain low levels of conductivity, silica, and total organic carbons (TOC). The EDI uses ion exchange membranes, ion exchange resins and electricity to produce high quality water with no regeneration downtime.

Typical Customer Groups

  • Heat and power plants (boiler water)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (process water)
  • Electronics industry (process and rinse water)
  • Hospitals and laboratories (process water)
  • Chemical industry (process water)