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Mechanical filters

Pressure filters with filter bag are ideal for filtration processes with high requirements to flow rate and space saving installation.

The filter has a wide range of application. It is applicable for filtration of boiler and cooling water, district heating water, rinse water, degreasing and phosphatizing baths in the galvanic and printing industries and many other special tasks. The pressure filter module consists of a filter house with cover and a support screen for the exchangeable filter bag.

Pressure filter and support screen are chosen according to the filtration task. The modules are available as frame-mounted duplex plants also. The filter bags for mechanical filtration are available with pore densities down to 1 micron. Clogged bags can be exchanged within a few  minutes. The bags are emptied and can normally be reused after cleaning. The pressure filters with filter bags are consequently an economic  alternative  to  the  traditional cartridge filter systems.