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Iron removal units

Iron removal filters are used to remove iron, manganese, suspended solids and aggressive carbon dioxide for producing of drinking water.

The principle of operation based on the oxidation of dissolved iron and manganese by atmospheric oxygen. Oxidized iron goes into an insoluble form (precipitate). The precipitate separates by filtration of water through  multi-layer filtering material.

Accumulated precipitates periodically should be removed from the filter by air blowing and backwash. The backwash must be at least once a week.

Design Features: The filter housing is made of steel with corrosion-resistant coating inside and outside. Internal coating is allowed for use in drinking water systems.

Bottom distribution system consists of a plate with slotted nozzles. This construction ensures fine distribution of the water and it high quality.

Productivity of standard modules - from 1 to 120 m³/h.