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Vacuum deaerator

Vacuum deaerators are used where there is no possibility to heat the water to 102-104°C due to the absence of steam.

Therefore vacuum deaerators are used for the district heating boilers and hot water systems.

Principle of operation. water is heated to a temperature to 60-70°C using a plate heat exchanger, and then enters the top of deaerator. Vacuum pump produces the vacuum inside the deaerator. In a vacuum, water boils at the lower temperature - about 60-70 ° C. Dissolved gases - oxygen and free carbon dioxide are released into the steam and are evaporated through a vacuum pump. Deaeration column is filled with a special filling to increase the evaporation surface.

Vacuum deaerators provide residual dissolved oxygen content of not more than 0.1 mg / l.

Productivity of standard modules - up to 22 m3 / h (or higher on request).