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Municipal wastewater solutions

Over 80% of sewage treatment facilities of settlements, small and medium size towns either out of work or fail to provide the required quality of wastewater treatment due to equipment wear, degradation and complete cessation of biological treatment process in cold season, rapid active sludge death due to breaks in electric energy supply or emergency state.

For the purpose of domestic wastewater treatment our company offers BIOLOGICAL WATER PURIFICATION PROCESS “BIOCOS”® developed by ZWT (Germany).

There are over 300 executed projects all over the world today with mentioned technology.

ZWT “BIOCOS”® purification system is a simple, efficient and state-of-the-art purification process based on combined method of active sludge recycling with total aerobic stabilization of sediment in one reservoir.

Main advantages:

  • Energy consumption reduction by more than 30%
  • Significant reduction of production and maintenance costs
  • Facility invested payback in a short time
  • Compact design, required land print minimization
  • Absence of secondary clarifier, hydraulic pump for sedimentation sludge reverse pumping.
  • Simultaneous sediment stabilization
  • Good long-term rate of denitrification and bio-destruction at low temperatures and load variations