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The main biomass gasification cycle equipment comprises a gasifier and a gas reciprocating / gas turbine internal combustion engine.

In the gasifier thermochemical conversion of fuel takes place in the lack of oxidizing agent when fuel converts into synthesis gas which then comes to the internal combustion engine as a fuel. The engine generates electricity, while occasionally released heat in the form of combustion products and circulating heating agent is directed for hot water heating for technological purposes, district heating, ventilation, industrial steam and cetera. Heat can be converted into cold energy in the form of chilled circulating water in absorption refrigerating machines. Since for cold generation in such case biomass energy is used, the chilled water energy is sometimes called “bio-cold”.

For the purpose of gasifier correct selection we use different technological solutions in terms of fuel gasification technologies applied: fixed bed gasification, bubbling fluidized bed gasification (BFB), circulating fluidized bed (CFB). Gasification technology selection is carried according to biomass properties. Important properties of the biofuel are as follows: volatile content, humidity, calorific value, ash content, chlorine and sulphur content, ash melting point temperature. We analyze solid fuel in laboratories before recommendation provision on the gasification technology selected.

Technical and economically feasible capacity of gasification cycles using biomass as a fuel is within the range of 0.1-6 MW of electric power.