TES DKM GROUP develops network of own private power plants throughout Belarus & Romania with different kind of fuels and renewable technologies applied and with the centralized monitoring and operation remote service, including the following projects:


  • CHP power plant for the Kalinkovichi milk processing facility, project is co-financed by EBRD
  • PROJECT SOLEKOFOTEX, Romania, 5 Mw solar PV installation on vineyards in Romania
  • ENERGOPARK PROJECT (the project is jointly owned by IEC Ltd (50% shares)  together with polish investor), the farm comprises 4 wind turbines by 600kw, located in Smorgon, Belarus and operated under investment agreement with Belarus
  • IEC SOLAR ENERGY – 4,5 solar PV facility in Kostukovichi, Belarus
  • IEC BIOGAS ENERGY – 1,1 Mw biogas project with anaerobic fermentation of cow manure, maize silage (provided by Belarusian cement factory daughter farming company BCZ-AGRO) and distillery grains (provided by Kostukovichi distillery) 

Currently in Development

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