Technology & Equipment

TES DKM GROUP offers the main and auxiliary equipment and products for the following applications:

IEC EnergyGas, Biomas & Biogas

IEC EnergyWaste Water Treatment

IEC EnergyWater Supply Systems

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TES DKM GROUP develops network of own private power plants throughout Belarus & Romania with different kind of fuels and renewable technologies applied and with the centralized monitoring and operation remote service.

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Engineering - Procurement - Construction

TES DKM GROUP offers the functions of EPC Contractor performing turnkey services, including engineering, construction design, equipment procurement, civil & construction works as well as commissioning services and operational agreements

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TES DKM GROUP performs the full scope of engineering & consultancy services in the field of power generation and water management including technical, finance and legal advising, as well as related services during construction and operation of power plants and water treatment facilities.

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We offer equipment service and maintenance packages, namely spares parts deliveries, warranty cases handling, oil replacement service, on-line remote monitoring, consultations, regular preventive maintenance, corrective repairs, upgrades, major overhauls, full service agreements with availability guarantee.

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About TES DKM Group

TES DKM GROUP offers innovative technological solutions for commercial and industrial customers in the field of energy efficiency, power generation, waste water management, water treatment & supply systems, as well as renewable energy sources based on state of the art equipment and components of globally reputable manufacturers. We have an extended library of proven ready-to-employ solutions for above mentioned applications allowing easy and quick selection of the right technology for each particular case and every Customer.

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RUE Belarusneft

Delivery of main equipment of energy center based of 2 piston gas engine units with exhaust gas steam boiler.


JSC Mineral Wax Plant

"Turnkey" energy center based on 2 piston gas engine units with exhaust gas steam boiler and absorption chiller.


JSC Kalinkovichsky Dairy Plant

"Turnkey" steam boiler plant based on 2 boilers 8 t / h of steam each, and 1 gas piston units with exhaust gas steam heat recovery system.